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Welcome to the official
manufacturer of the classic
British GPO Brand.

GPO Retro
is the classic British brand by ProTelX. We satisfy consumers' nostalgic needs by designing and manufacturing retro inspired electronic goods. For GPO, it is not just about recreating retro classic designs.

Each GPO product is designed and manufactured with care. We create authentic retro design, infused with modern innovation and vitality.

There’s attention to detail, each product has its own personality. We love bringing the past bang up to date.

Just because we’re retro it doesn’t mean we’re dated. Every product we make is fused with vintage style but a very modern kit.

From the blend between digital and vinyl to creating rotary dials compatible with modern banking at the heart of what we do is how your products are used.

From retro telephones to turntables, bluetooth speakers to Four Wave radios our product range is continually expanding.

We’re inspired by everything around us, as consumers have told us what they like about our products and what they need we have expanded our collection.

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Why Stock GPO?

The GPO Ambassador Record Player The GPO Bermuda Record Player The GPO Chesterton Record Player The GPO Memphis Record Player The GPO Attache Record Player The GPO Rydell Radio The GPO 746 Push Button Phone GPO Record Cases The GPO Westwood Speaker The GPO Jam Retro Record Player The GPO Stylo Record Player The GPO 200 Push Button Telephone

Unrivalled Quality and Service

We do everything we can to support our stockists. From POS kits to a dedicated account manager, we work to ensure our resellers have everything they need to entice customers with our products. We talk to our stockists continuously, showcasing new products, arranging exclusive competitions and making sure you have everything you need with a dedicated online space.

Top Trending Products

Adding a little colour and retro style, GPO’s products catch the eye. Whether a gift or the finishing touch for a home our range of retro turntables, telephones, speakers and radios have proved popular with those seeking a little vintage inspiration.

A Place for Resellers

From major high street brands and online giants to independent stockists, we work with our resellers every day. Our new dedicated online space makes it easier for stockists to manage their GPO orders and to ensure they have everything they need in one place.

Excellent Customer Service

Have a question? We respond to both stockists and consumers via email and social networks ensuring they know everything they need to about GPO products. We want people to make an informed choice and select the right product for them.
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